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Jewellery projects



The project " Animalistic" created by The Dinaricum and the ARTerium Society combines nature and art. The specially designed jewellery collection represents ten animal species living in the Dinaric region in Slovenia.

By purchasing you are funding environmental conservation activities of the Dinaricum Society. 




Recycled paper Jewellery “ Paper wear”

“Paper Wear” Jewellery is a socially responsible project. Purpose of this project is appealing consumers to make different shop decisions for better tomorrow.

It’s made out of waste materials such as (photos, catalogs, business cards, clothes labels and postcards.). With designing paper Jewellery I try to change the purpose of everyday non - use of waste paper and paper emballage that becomes a part of Jewellery.

Women wearing “Paper wear” jewellery are opening the debates about green fashion. They communicate concern about environment is becoming a part of our lives.